TMA - AutoTiss ONE
TMA - AutoTiss ONE
AuotTiss One is a compact, hand carry semi-automated tissue microarray (TMA) arrayer. A most cost-effiective upgrade kit for manual TMA puncher.
  1. Fully automatic planning、high throughput workflow

  2.Computer controlled、no more manual positioning

  3.Patent design graphical user interface for easy operation

  4.Automatic for fast and easy punch area selection

  5.Tissue database allow fast and easy tracking and maintenance

  Power Requirement :

  Operating system :

  Laptop, Windows 8

  Total Weight :

  8 kg

  Dimensions :

  405 x 350 x 424 (WxDxH mm)

  Puncher Size :

  0.6 ~ 2.5mm stainless-steel puncher
  Travelling XY:   1” x 1”